New or Used

There is a fair amount to consider when buying a home.  It takes a caring expert to make sure you’ve considered everything.  Such as the cost of a new home compared to the maintenance of a used one?  Do you prefer modern architecture, or an older style?  Would you rather a community or something more secluded?  Just a few of the aspects to consider when preparing to buy your new home are;

● Custom/Selection in your floor plan – Would you rather have your master bedroom on the first or second floor?  Front or rear?  Need your bedrooms close, or prefer some separation?  You guessed it, you pick.

● Warranty - Major ticket items are likely to need replacing sooner on a used home.  How long will the roof last?  Is the air conditioner in need of replacement soon? However, with your new home, they are warrantied, and won’t need replacing for years to come.  Not to mention the appliances are clean and new!

● Efficiency – Homes built today, typically utilize more advanced construction techniques and materials.  Windows, Seals, and Insulation just to name a few.  Thus, the cost to use a new home versus one built years ago, is typically less.  Plus, a new home today is required to adhere to a stricter energy efficiency standard, than one built just a few years old.  None the less one 20 or 30 years old!  How would you prefer spending your money?  Higher energy costs?  Upgrades/Repairs? Or a home which cost less to operate and maintain today?

● Amenities – Like your new home, today’s new communities have similar advancements.  From sustainable practices, environmentally friendly pools, the most advanced workout equipment, and/or wireless ultra-fast wireless internet throughout the community.  That’s right, some of today’s Community Trails, Pools, and Outdoor Activity Centers have wireless high speed internet!

● Safety – In many ways your new home will come with added safety measures not commonly practiced in the past.  Such as electronic garage door stops, in the event a child walks under it while it’s closing!  High efficiency air conditioners now use an environmentally friendly coolant.  Paints, carpet, and cabinets now use friendlier compounds to ensure a healthier environment to raise you family.

Enjoy that new car smell?  We’re confident you’ll also enjoy your new home smell, or perhaps the lack of smells in your new home.  With today’s considerations and building practices we are confident you will quickly appreciate the style, ease of use, and overall lifestyle fit in your new home and neighborhood.  While enjoying a warranty, lower maintenance, and a pain free lifestyle for years to come.

Reach out to your local expert today to learn more about our one of a kind home buying process.  Ensuring you like the home you find, and find the home you like the first time!