Crystal Lagoons - Epperson Ranch - Connected City

Once again, a community in Pasco County, Florida is attracting attention.  It’s A rated schools, fine dining, state of the art medical, and economy weren’t enough for Wesley Chapel.  Now attracting attention on a national and international scale, as the first in U.S. History to offer a Crystal Lagoon.  Shortly after Pasco County approving the development 80 more lagoons across the country followed their lead.  Picture if you will, an eight-acre lagoon in a manmade beachfront in your backyard.  With similar lagoons in Dubai, Egypt, Chile, and Spain Wesley Chapel gladly embraced the first in the United States.  Offering a more sustainable, cleaner, and tasteful trip to the beach in the middle of town.

This is only the beginning though.  Metro Development has partnered Tampa General Hospital and Wesley Chapel Hospital in a ten-year plan to further aid this community soar to new levels.  With the first community to have gigabit fiber woven in to its development.  Offering the fastest speed internet in the country to its residents, businesses, and institutions.  This unique pilot program not only attracts high technology business, but higher paying jobs as well.  All while delivering not only a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, but also with consideration of the wildlife and effective land use.

Aside from its state of the art internet, medical, and Crystal Lagoon what makes The Connected City special?  Until today, these technologies and practices have previously been used to redevelop and rehabilitate existing communities.  This will be the first time anyone has implemented them from the ground up.  Pasco County, Florida, and Congress all agree this development should receive special treatment.  Want to know more, be sure to ask for more information today!